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If my friend calls me an asshole, who am I to argue?

A: Live sketching was invented at the start of the 21st century. In fact it was all invented by comedians — and all born in the ’90s. The reason live drawing and sketching are different is that sketching occurs in the moment, while live drawing is staged.

Q: So that means a dead comedian is actually alive today?

A: Yes. But no, this story is not about dead comedians. You’re a good comedian and you’re also dead (although this has nothing whatsoever to do with your dead comedian).

Live sketching was invented at the start of the 21st century by comedians.

Q: What happens when the world ends?

A: The world ends and the world’s biggest live-comedy troupe (the “World’s greatest live comedy troupe,” if you’re wondering) has to find a way to survive this calamity because they’re basically on vacation in New York. The only way they can get back to their lives is by staging a one-off special where they can go back to their old routines and make a living.

Q: So how did this happen?

A: I believe it actually happened like this: A group of comedians were all in Las Vegas one weekend. They’d been invited by the owner to do a one-off show called “Live At The Ritz-Carlton”. In Vegas the host, a famous comedian named Bill Hicks, wanted to get a line-up from the audience and he wanted to see everyone “do impressions”, so the comedians decided to do impressions of Hicks in front of all of their friends. After the shows, most of the comedians (like Louis CK, who is the author of Live at the Ritz-Carlton and a friend of the group) went with their friends to Vegas for the night, but the rest stayed behind. They didn’t want to miss a line of Bill Hicks in the audience, so they kept their noses to the ground, waited for this special to happen, and took their friend Louis CK and his famous pal Dave Chappelle. And the rest is history.

Q: How does this work?

A: Basically any of the people who saw Louis CK and Dave Chappelle as themselves, or heard them in their own words on their show, or listened in on their podcasts, and who has been in the audience for a live show

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