What is live sketching?

In a nutshell, it’s an exciting way to have fun with a show, even if it’s not on TV. The idea is to have a bunch of people that you don’t know, who come together on their own to draw a sketch featuring a brand, slogan, or slogan. All that’s involved and there are no production people involved. There’s only one set of producers, director, and audience, and that’s what allows it to happen.

One of the first shows recorded on Live Stations were the “Chocolate City” special (pictured above). That show is all about creating an atmosphere in which the audience members feel comfortable enough to engage in the activities. A great example is the “Empire” sketch shown below. The production values are absolutely out of this world, giving it a real energy, even if the actual story is a bit dry and dry.

Is it worth the effort? How much would I pay to see it?

I would say it’s highly likely you would be able to do your own take on these characters if you have nothing to compare it to. If you are a fan of the character or the show, I strongly suggest you check out the shows we’ve featured previously. We all know that the best, most original pieces have gone on the pages of Comedy Bang Bang. Plus, a quick sketch you can see live can make your day!

If you do want to submit a live sketch that’s being filmed or filmed but hasn’t received its approval, just email your sketch to [email protected]. Your performance is not guaranteed.

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Where can I see my favorite sketches?

Check out our archive on Comedy Bang Bang, where we post all your favorite sketches that have been posted. It’s really worth trying out your own takes on characters that have gone viral on video.

I found a bit that’s great. Can I see it as well?

Yes! On the page for the show you’ll find information about the individual sketches on the production page.

Can I have a character included?

Unfortunately, yes. You will be responsible for all of your own props. Additionally, if you are using a character’s image for the sketch, you agree to not have it used in any other work. Please email [email protected] if you have a question about this.

What is an episode count?

A sketch that is posted via Live Stations takes place for seven weeks. If you wish to