What is the history of sketching? – Black And White Pencil Drawings Cars

We first started sketching after we started talking. We used to work together at a friend’s studio, and the studio was a dream for us. One day he mentioned that there was a sketching class there and he wanted us to come, so we did. It was in a small studio for us and we learned in such a short amount of time. I would say it was an amazing experience. There are so many artists in our town to help you, whether it be in teaching, in creating, or providing support through their artwork. You don’t have to ask any of them to help you, but it is nice to be able to talk to them in the same room. We went on every Friday, and we really enjoyed it.
Bald Eagle Drawing by Nancy Rucker

The only other artist on the class I have was a photographer who I met through another friend and was a complete douchebag. He didn’t help us at all! The other artists in the class weren’t very good though! Our first teacher had the class for half an hour and we took all of his sketchbooks in between and we didn’t finish them but we got some good ideas for different shapes and colors. When we started sketching for the second artist class, the teacher knew how to do a good draw and we were able to finish it the first time. My current instructor is a teacher from the United Kingdom and is very nice. She has really good experience and really knows what she is doing, so she also helps us a lot. I also taught another class for the same friend who is a student there who was just learning how to create to do something.

How do you approach a sketch?

Well I can tell you that I never look at it in a critical context because I can’t see any flaws. It’s just the nature of it, when I look at something I don’t see anything wrong that I have to fix because they are the drawings that come to the fore in my life. I try and always keep the drawing close to the pencil to make it easy to see if something is wrong with it or something that could have been easily improved on. I do keep my eyes open to see what the other person is going through, and if they have something in common then I make sure to be able to find similar things, like how they draw their hair. There’s always something on the person I admire and you have to make sure to be able to see all the little things that come to your mind when you see those people.

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