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The most popular pencil in the world? (No, the softest drawing pencil is actually the most expensive one)

How many different types of pencils are possible? From the very stiff to the extremely soft.

Which are the best selling pencils of 2014 & 2015? The most popular soft pencil in the world for a while now is a new generation, the “Zeroface”, made by the German company Mecon. “Zeroface” is named after the famous physicist, but that’s a really nice name for a cheap pencil made by a German company.

Which kind of pencil do you want to write, read or draw with? It’s all these pencils together. Just the softest drawing pencil and it is the most popular pencil in the world and all these pencils are available in both the traditional and the modern design.

Which brand should you choose? They make two different kind of pencils. They used to make the first kind of pencil, but now it’s all made in China.

Which is best “hand-written” pencil? The popular brand “Epson” is probably the best “hand-written” pencil because they have the best material and their best manufacturing processes. They also have the best quality.

Which is the best “drawing” pencil? The most popular pencil in the world right now is a very soft “Zeroface”. All the manufacturers are working to get more of this pencil made.

If you can’t decide which pencils to use, what are you supposed to do? Well, you need to look for a pencil with an appropriate “dance” mark or “signature”. But if you want to write, draw, draw, write or draw with a “regular” pencil (pencil without a mark), then you are supposed to write your own note with whatever type of pencil is suited to your needs/expectations, using the best type of the pencil to draw your mark.

What are the best pencils for children and children-at-heart? All the pencils are good for young children. However, it’s possible to use pencils for children that are much more expensive, too. What I have noticed over the years is that younger children tend to have a harder time using the pencils because it takes an age to develop. They really don’t have a clue about which pencil to use.

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