What is the softest drawing pencil? – What Pencil To Use For Sketching

The one that is the best for the medium you practice on.

So if your goal is to get good at the softest pencil, it’s important to learn how that pencil works.

The good news is: even if you can’t ever practice in a soft pencil, you can learn some basic tips, tricks, and strategies to make drawing with it easy (and fun)!

When To Use The Softest Pencil

What’s the Hardest Drawing Pencil?

Hardest drawing pencil? What’s the hard one?

No one’s going to tell ya.

It’ll be really hard for you… I promise.

But a hard pencil is the hard drawing pencil.

It is the one you can use with perfect drawability, consistency, and control.

Here are some examples of how hard pencils work:

If a pencil had more flex (and therefore more stiffness), then it would be the harder pencil.

The less flex (and therefore less toughness) the pencil, the harder it is to make consistent drawings with it.

In contrast, if a pencil had less flex, then it would be the soft pencil. If it were soft, then it would be the soft pencils’ best friend.

On The “Hardness” Of The Softest Pencil

The softest pencil may have the most stiffness, but is it harder to hold?

There’s a simple answer to that:


How is it going to hold up to practice? How hard is it to use? And how easy is it to break? (And will you be able to?)

All of those questions are answered by using the best soft pencils on the market today:

This is why you know what is or isn’t the “hardest pencil.”

As stated before, not all pencils are equal. If a pencil has more flex and less stiffness, then it’s a harder pencil, but it won’t be much harder to draw with it.

But the harder pencil is still the “hardest pencil.”

That’s why you’ll see different companies call the top pencils in their ranges “hardest.”

What’s The Softest Drawing Pencil?

The Softest Drawing Pencils on the Market Today

There are so many pencils out there!

Some may have a “softer” texture or “deeper

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