What is the softest pencil?

(A soft pencil is not like a hard one — it’s softer — it’s harder, it’s harder).

Can I use this pencil with lipstick?

I have heard about pencils that you can use to make lips look fuller. I haven’t been able to test that out yet.

Is it safe to use lipstick with this pencil?

I have heard that using lipstick alone is not considered safe.

Do I have to write in a specific order to get my lipstick line?

You are allowed to write in any order you would like, I have noticed that most people just start with their inner corner, then their mouth, then their eyes. I tried the same as you but it seems more difficult to draw in all areas.

If I use lipstick, how many times can I take the pencil out before I have to use it as a new one?

I have heard many great tips about how to use this pencil, like how to use it as a crayon and in conjunction with a fine pencil to work over the eyes and around the lips. I didn’t test these and I may be wrong or I don’t know them very well – that’s the beauty of the internet!

How are your colors?

(I’m not saying these are the colors, I don’t know enough about them yet to tell you).

Can I use this product as a base for lip liner?

I have heard very good things about the color that is applied with it. I have not used it on my lips but I had heard good things about it.

Is it safe to use as a base?

The color is too deep and it seems like it might be hard to cover every spot. I’m not saying you would need to use it for every lip spot, just to get to your deepest or deepest shade.

Does it contain the product?

Yes – yes it does. I know. If you are concerned, ask! However, it is recommended to use the lipstick at least 1 week before use.

Is the pencil waterproof?

It is not made to be waterproof, but I think it is safe to use.

Are there any concerns that this pencil may not work as well as it claims?

It does contain the product, of course.

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What kind of lipstick should I use with the pencil?

A little red lipstick might work nicely, some red