What makes a drawing a drawing? – Pastel Pencil Drawing Techniques For Beginners

There are three basic types of drawing, “self-published” or “self” drawn, “professional” written and professional (a copy of a book) drawn.

A self-published work is a drawing of a person (person) with a name and face or a sketch of him, a caricature of a person, or a drawing of a vehicle.

A self drawn work includes a sketch or a copy of the drawing. A professional job drawing is a drawing of someone (person) with a name and face.

A professional written work is a drawing that has been painted on paper, or a copy of a book of drawings (including a book of sketches). However, a professional written work is not a drawing of a person with a name and face.

What is a professional drawing? The term “professional” means that the work was made for sale and that the creator will not profit from it.

A self-published work cannot be a professional work, however a self-published book or a painting or drawing made for sale may be described as a professional book.

I believe that the above definitions and definitions of professional and self-published differ somewhat between dictionaries. Please help me to determine the source of the information that you know here and elsewhere.

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