What makes a drawing a drawing? – Pencil Art Drawing Ideas Videos

It’s a matter of perspective. If your drawing is in one perspective, then your image is in the opposite perspective. If your drawing was in one perspective, but when you changed it the other way, you now have two images in your head in one world. When I was a kid, I liked to show people my drawing of a dog on a hot summer day. I’d show my uncle and father how close I’d come to a drawing of him, and then I’d show them an actual drawing, because it’s not like any real drawing you see. You look at someone’s drawing, not just one drawing.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: The thing I’m really happy about is that there is a book out called Drawings to Live By, and it’s really nice.

I have always been an advocate of a basic income. If the concept were to succeed then governments and charities could be funded to provide much needed services, something everyone benefits from. Even without an absolute income though the effects upon our health and well being of those who are on benefits would be so obvious.

Why? Let’s be honest, we aren’t quite there yet but we are getting closer. We still have more than 20 years of ‘job guarantee’, which paid out if you were employed with benefits and it was considered ‘safe’.

A basic income could be much more effective and would be a massive boost to society in so many ways.

Why so much debate on the subject and not enough support? Well, we are seeing both public voices (including those of the Green) and private voices alike being vociferous in opposing an unconditional basic income, and while the arguments are well thought out, the arguments are still based upon outdated and dangerous arguments.

As a citizen, I am very unhappy to hear of government proposals to provide ‘poverty traps’. These refer almost exclusively to those at the bottom end of the scale, people who are reliant on a means tested job, or a public sector job – that is the people most likely to be ‘stacked up’ to receive an unconditional income. At the moment the government’s approach to tackling poverty is based on a combination of the ‘work for the dole’ system with a £12-a-week job guarantee to support their efforts to find work.

This is a highly punitive model in comparison to the most effective and proven intervention which I have seen implemented in history. Rather than just the ‘

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