What pencil is used for sketching? – Pencil Drawing Face Boy Easy

Any sharp or flexible pencil is good for writing, although a regular point will do as well as a point-and-shoot. You should also use a black marker before starting a sketch, to ensure all your ideas are clear and visible.

Is it acceptable to sketch over photos?

Not unless you want to have a blank sheet of paper, just with your name written on it. Don’t forget to cover the top, so that you don’t erase away your previous drawings.

Do I need to use all these things?

That really depends on you. If you want to keep the sketchbook for as long as possible, the above rules should work fine. But for short sketches or in places like a room with a lot of people, your head is a lot more likely to get blown off, and even the top should be covered up with the rest of the body covered up, or some sort of protective clothing.

Is there anything wrong with using an old pencil?

No, that would mean that you wouldn’t use the above rules for your sketchbook. However, don’t forget what I said about not drawing over anything, or that you shouldn’t have any excess paper around.

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Can I sketch a small section about something? Should I start with that?

Sure, it’s fine, but not only that, but it makes the whole drawing much bigger, so it’s easier to follow.

Do I have to write everything on the back of the sketchbook?

No. You can make notes on other things on top of it in a separate notebook – if any are necessary.

What if I forget something? How do I keep from getting it wrong?

It’s a well-founded fear that pencils tend to get dirty, so if you start drawing from any of your dirty pencils, the ink from those erases your line, so you have to wipe them off as you try to keep everything straight. If you don’t have a separate notebook, put the pens away and start over from scratch.

Is every sketch different?

Yeah. They are all different. A pencil sketch from five years ago might be very different than one created recently. But you’ll keep finding that same thing, the same drawings over time.

Should I draw in black and white? Which do I use?

Black and white will be easiest for sketching, and can be used if you’re willing to compromise a

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