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It depends on the kind of drawing you wish to do. Personally, I’ve always used a Sharpie because of the fast writing on a cheapie pencil. However, if you’re a regular and have a few thousand words in mind, you should consider using a pen. My son would take any crayon he was given and make it into his own drawings. I would rather my drawings be done by a professional. But as long as it looks “professional,” then I would recommend you choose a pen with good pressure relief.

Have you read this whole article? Have you made sketches with it? How did you decide which pencils to use? Let me know in the comments below!

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Check Out These Other Fun Ways To Sketch Your Idea

Check Out These Other Fun Ways To Sketch Your Idea:

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This post was written by Michael Wiesner and originally published at the American Enterprise Institute’s AEI Voices blog. You can listen here.

As we head toward the start of the new administration, the Washington Post’s fact-checker wrote a glowing post about Donald Trump’s speech to the joint conference of the National Rifle Association and the Committee For the Preservation of Firearms Freedom, an organization that strongly opposes the president-elect’s gun-control plans. It is a good read and an effective illustration (though the Post’s use of the word “fact” here is unfortunate).

But as a fact-checker, you may be asking: So what exactly did the Post fact-checker do here? Why not just use that word itself, as in an article that said, “A little fact-check by the Washington Post”?

Well, there are a few considerations, and the fact-checker makes them clear in its own preface. It’s a hard thing to do.

Let’s start with who the Post does fact-check, but then move into the question of what it did. This particular writer has written a lot on Hillary Clinton and the use of facts. His reporting over the years has found no significant problems with Clinton’s use of fact-checks to counter Clinton defenders. His reporting about Trump was equally solid, and the story itself was generally fairly detailed.

We should not underestimate the challenges that Trump and his supporters will face when it comes to fact-

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