Which pencils are used for sketching?

File:Priya prakash varrier's pencil drawing.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
A1. I penciled, but a DMC white Felt pencil is my favorite.

A2. I drew with my own hands.

A3. I have a Mac inked on a Diamine white pencil.

Q: What is the most difficult project you have tackled in your career?

A1. My first professional assignment was an illustrated article in The New Yorker about an Asian woman named Yung Shi, who was accused of rape by her stepson, who worked with her as a cleaner.

A2. I drew a portrait of Yung Shi with the help of a Diamine white Inkjet inks.

A3. I was at an art show recently in New York City and saw a print of an old Japanese manga called “Yurakata,” by Shinsuke Aoki.

What piece of artwork was the biggest surprise you drew as a kid?

A1. The biggest surprise I drew was the “Puzzle of the Sun” in “Astro Boy.” I used the same ink pen, so there were a lot of red marks on the paper. I couldn’t make out the words, though.

A2. An old comic, “Tsukiyomi.” I drew this comic in high school. It was so simple, but the art was so wonderful.

A3. That illustration by Masaaki Kogure’s “Futaba City.” That was definitely an adult book. The colors were amazing.

You are a prolific comic illustration designer and cartoonist. Why do you choose to do this?

A1. It’s not about me. I was doing drawing classes when I wrote on my blog about how this was the hardest thing for artists to learn. It’s hard work, but it was so enjoyable. The only way to improve your drawings was to draw a lot!

A2. I love making people smile.

A3. I love drawing cute images of cats and rabbits. Cats were definitely my favorite species in this series.

What do you love about cartooning?

A1. It’s fun! I love making people do things I never thought they would do.

A2. For a long time, I was only allowed to draw in comic form. You couldn’t just draw a line or a shape, you had to make all the pieces move in a certain way so it read like