Why is drawing important? – Pencil Drawings Of Butterflies And Flowers

You know when you’re doing something you are very focused, you are very determined, you are very engaged with what you are doing.

But here are two questions for you: What did you need to know about that? Can you give us a quick summary about them?

If you’ve never done any drawing before, I can’t stress how important it has been at every step. As you learn and see more and more, you’ll start taking in a lot about the process.
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You can tell how much you’ve learned. Just watch a movie, play a game where you have to put your skills together, or talk to a friend about a topic that just came to light that you hadn’t thought about before.

It’s not a matter of learning from scratch. If you already have all the knowledge that you need to learn a skill, then you simply need to be motivated to learn more. If you have that motivation, you’ll get the most benefit from it. But not just anyone can do it. You need to put more of your time into getting your skills up to a level where you’re able to master it. That’s actually a skill, if you get right down to it.

When you start drawing, do you see the same thing?

I know I’ve done it with one hand as well. I have actually started to do it with a pair of drawing glasses. It’s a great skill to have, but it’s not the be all and end all. You need to have enough motivation to get the skill, and not be too hard on yourself when you get it right.

I’m pretty well motivated already but do I draw more when you’re doing this kind of work?

Well you’ll probably be doing it more sometimes just to work out the kinks, because after you’re ready to stop, you might be a little nervous and you might not be the best at where you want to be but, like I said, we all start with some kind of innate need to learn.

How do you motivate your self when you’re starting that new skill?

If you do it for you and not someone else – that is very empowering on a personal level, a family level. If your family and friends want to see you do it, then it becomes a responsibility. You have to keep doing it when it gets easy.

Do you think it’s more important to be motivated than to be very good at things?

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