Can I be a dog walker without experience?

Yes, this is a great opportunity for you to train your dog, and if you have experience it is even easier to get trained. The training is very simple:

Take the first step, take your dog. And then, take a break!

Do I need a dog walker?

This program is available to beginners, as well as experienced dog walkers, and will take your dog safely from door to door, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing, outdoor walk every day of your week.

What do I have to wear?

You need to dress as you would if you were going for a walk. You can wear a t-shirt, sweatpants, and shoes (and socks, if you’re going to wear your socks.)

What about snacks?

We have snacks – we have an apple and a banana! When you come in with your dog, you won’t have to buy any. If you want to buy some please bring it in to the shelter. They would like to have it with them.

I have never been a dog owner. Can I come in to do it?

Absolutely! You can either sign up as a volunteer (see FAQ) or you can just come in for your first walk. If you’re just getting into the hobby we would love it if you went to the shelter and asked if we had dogs that could use the program! Once you get the hang of it and we know you love it, please sign up now. Please note – we would have no way of knowing if you’re planning to keep your dog after your first volunteer day. Our animals are never spayed or neutered.

How long is the program?

After your first volunteer day you can get back in as either a volunteer (for a total of 5 weeks), or you can just come in for a walk every Friday for a total of 10 weeks!

Do I have to take my dogs with me?
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Yes! We have dogs from all walks of life. The dog walkers come on a one day a month basis. This is about as long as the program is designed for. No dog requires a full 24 hours a day or 6 days a week and some dogs are really active at times.

What are you holding?

A bag of tissues. This is what we use for walk outs and dog wash after workouts. The T-shirt (with your dog on it) we use for walks.