Can I make and sell dog food?

Yes! All you need to make and sell your own dog food is our “Axe & Knife”, and you’ll need some basic knowledge of growing plants for food.

Can I order dog food online?

Yes! Visit Our Online Store

Will I be asked for my bank account number?

No. We don’t keep any financial information in our database. However, we will never ask for personal information without your express permission.

Are dogs and cats allowed in my home?

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Yes, as long as they keep to a reasonable distance from the cooking area.

Can I use food that I cooked and freeze?

Yes! Please order dog food in the following conditions:

1) Make the food in the normal way using clean kitchen equipment;

2) Freeze the food for 5 to 10 days;

3) Remove the food from the freezer and store it in a sealed container;

4) Make sure there’s no visible signs of cooking (such as scorching, drying, or discolouring) on the food;

5) Store the food in a freezer that’s protected from temperatures above 40°C;

6) Always cover the food in a sealed and closed container when you’re not home;

7) Keep the food away from dogs, cats, and pets;

8) Do not give away these food treats for FREE!

Can I use foods purchased from the store?

Yes, as long as:

1) The food is pre-packed, labeled, and clearly marked with the name of the manufacturer and the date of its purchase. We don’t even check the contents;

2) The food does not contain harmful fillers or preservatives, either;

3) The food contains the number of servings (per package) that the label states, otherwise, it can be dangerous and potentially dangerous food.

Can I buy dog food online/offline?

No. If you purchase any of our dog food online, there is a higher risk that it is unsafe to our customers and the foods we sell. Our company philosophy is “to keep customers safe regardless of whether we are online or in their home”.

Can I use the free sample pack?

It’s not a guarantee that a company is safe. However, it is important to us that consumers know that our products are free of any harmful ingredients or toxins. If you order