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Do you need a place to stay? Have you ever seen dogs on the streets? Here are some things you might find interesting in this neighborhood.

1. Dog Parks and other spaces for stray dogs and feral children. Although it may be very difficult to keep them in a neighborhood, it may be worthwhile to help these homeless dogs and feral children. You can donate to these dogs and children by donating to a spay-neuter clinic. The clinic that will accept donations from the general public is “Hare Fosters” in the 500 block of 16th Street.

2. A new homeless campsite for feral dogs in the neighborhood. They can use the trash bins at the park, along with the trash bags that residents throw away. Also, you can throw out old tires to make the park more attractive and help protect the trash from the trash pickers.
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3. A new homeless camp site in the area of the alley on the corner of 14th and K streets. You can bring your dog out to this area on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings to play and have a drink before work.

4. A new homeless camp site on the corner of 19th and B streets. The camp is located in the middle of the alley, near the dumpsters where you can find all of your old garbage cans. There will be a special tent set up for the homeless dogs and a few blankets for them to sleep on. A new tent will also be placed in the alley for any dogs that are looking for somewhere to lay down or go to bed.

5. A new public park in the neighborhood. A new park will be constructed next to the alley (at the corner of A and K streets). It will have a dog run, restrooms, and a dog wash. There will be food that will be served by volunteers. If interested, you can bring your own food or volunteers are welcome to provide your own food.

6. A new homeless shelter in the city. There is a new homeless shelter in the area called “Walking Dogs.” For more information, check their website.

7. New housing for homeless families. In previous years, there was a great deal of criticism for not providing enough affordable housing for low income families. In November 2012, the Council on Economic, Community and Housing Development (CECHD) passed a resolution providing $300,000 for a housing equity program for families in the neighborhood. The goal is to create 3,000 units of affordable homes

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