Can you make a living walking dogs?

Well … yeah. I don’t know. I’m a big fan of walkers, so I guess I’ve seen a few of them. The only thing I would say [against walking] is that it takes ages to get used to and the dogs just have to be there for long periods of time. Also, you need to take your time. It takes at least a year. I have to tell you, this guy I walk with is like an albino, and that’s scary, but that’s what it takes. Also, you get tired and you get lazy, and then you get lazy. It just sucks.

How’d you find work if you didn’t go to college?

I went to college to get a degree so I could get a job because I wasn’t getting very much in the way of job security, which was very dangerous. When I went to work, I had three different bosses and a bunch of other people working on my projects, so I started to build my experience and I’d get up with them in the morning and start showing them stuff. I knew a lot of stuff. I knew how to set up a project, how to ask questions. You can do better than that, though! I didn’t make as much money as I should have.

Was your boss aware of your situation or was it just you two?

It was two people. There’s so many people working, though. I was at the bottom of the food chain, the worst at it. [Laughs] It was just like the old days. Everyone was doing the same thing — building their business, writing a book, starting a business — but it was just the worst at anything. I’d try one thing, and it’d be a failure and everyone would complain about it. I got out because people were too invested in me. I didn’t do well at my job. I didn’t feel like I made any money.

Why didn’t you go back?

The only reason I went back is that I had been doing it, and it was just so boring! I felt like I wasn’t doing anything. I could feel my health deteriorating, my energy decreasing. For me, it was all about the money, and the money was only coming through my work. I never went home, and I didn’t have anywhere to go. I wanted that job security, and I didn’t have it.

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How are you coping with everything now, after