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I’d love to be able to sell. Not without a license, but it would be very easy. The only cost I could see is about $12/dog. I would certainly consider any help I could get. It would be really nice if we could all agree I am a good companion dog owner. Maybe the vet bill would be even lower.

So why not get a private license when buying a puppy? Are the licensing costs really that burdensome for the owner? My husband doesn’t plan on having any more dogs once he gets them out of the house.

The whole reason for getting a private license is that they are “legally” allowed to sell your pet. The dog, by the way, is a gift. They have to come from the same home you rented, you don’t have to be involved or pay anymore, and only if you can prove they were really abused or neglected or something similar and so forth that the dog has been harmed.

Can you see me buying one? I get the puppy!

Maybe. I hope you do! Just ask. But make sure you speak with your local dog shelter first. And see this article in the Orlando Sentinel. This is about getting your puppy, not having to deal with that pesky private law. My guess seems to be they would never be okay with that:

Sandra DeJesus, executive director of Dog Lovers Union of Central Florida, which is advocating for private sales, said private sales are not currently allowed under current Florida law. “It is not an option,” DeJesus said. “They’re always worried about someone making a bad sale.”

This isn’t a big surprise, it isn’t a big deal that it is not allowed for sale.

Do you think buying your own puppy is a bad idea? Please comment below, or email me at [email protected]

You can get your dogs to do anything right. A good dog knows when a family is there, it knows that the family is ready to make the dog happy. A good dog lets you know the family will be there when you come home. Good dogs know what day of the week the family is coming to visit. And good dogs give you peace of mind knowing they are there when your family starts. They are ready to help you if you need help. It takes a while for the dog to become comfortable. You can’t expect them to.

There will always be some dog

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