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The pet food industry is heavily regulated. That is the case of dog treat manufacturer Listerine, and also of the pet food industry as a whole. The USDA and FDA have approved both dog and cat treats for various uses for their dogs and cats.

Does it get more expensive? If you choose a generic dog or cat treat, your veterinarian may recommend a different kind of dog or cat food, or the same type of animal treat for a particular cat that’s a more complex diet. In order to get a better idea of the costs of each kind of food, it’s also worthwhile to speak with veterinarians about the exact weight, calories, nutrients, frequency of feeding, and cost of each kind of food that they use.

What if I do decide to use generic dog or cat food? Is it better to feed my pet a treat that has been certified a generic pet food? If that seems like a lot of work, maybe it won’t be worth it! The main reason is that when it comes to pet food manufacturers, the FDA can not make a blanket rule against generic pet food manufacturers. When you make your order with your local pet shop, and they purchase a generic pet food from a manufacturer that’s FDA approved, it’s still your pet’s choice to purchase that food, not the manufacturer’s.

Why are some brands expensive? Generally, each brand that’s on the market is priced differently, with some brands priced higher because there may be more ingredients, more preservatives, less vitamins, and so on. If something is expensive, it’s probably because it should be. It’s not like a generic puppy or cat food that may cost much more, but you can never know for certain. What makes a dog or cat food cost more? Usually, what makes a dog/cat food cost more than another brand is that it’s a new kind of food that’s still developing, or its ingredients are newer. For example, some dogs and cats may still have more expensive versions of the same food than some others, or ingredients that are newer and more difficult to find.

What if I live in an area where dog or cat food manufacturers are relatively cheap? It’s usually not a good idea to purchase dog or cat food from a store that offers generic pet food of the same brand in your area, because the prices you pay may be too cheap. Look for a store that sells both dog and cat food.

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