Do dogs forgive owners?

A. Dogs do not forgive a person who hurts their pets, but that does not mean they do not love them. A dog will forgive a person who tries to give it more love when the dog knows the person is hurting another person or animal.

B. When dogs are given toys, treats or praise, they tend to look at the person they are giving it to, sometimes looking for the owner. This behavior allows a dog to know that the person is there.

C. In some cases a dog is willing to reward a person for good behavior. This behavior is called giving a present. Some dogs are willing to give food or treats or praise to give to a person. One example of this kind of behavior could be licking a person or pet with a friendly nose. In an emergency, you can give a person a toy, chew on a bone, or other treat that can be delivered through a mouth.

D. Dogs, like other dogs, will give a person who is hungry treats for not eating, or treats for not drinking a special drink, just because the person is hungry. The dog may also do this if the person is crying and is a relative, or if a dog has lost a pet. This might be called “cuddling” a person who is not eating, if both of you are hungry.

C. When dogs give food, they usually leave for the dog to go to a neighbor’s house, but they will stay as long as the dog wants to stay. For example, if you are walking around a neighborhood and a dog has gone, a neighbor might not want food or a treat. Instead of giving it away, you might take it and give it to a friend at the house.

D. When the dog is on the bed, if the person who gives the food is awake, she will sometimes sleep on the bed, or her dog will come into the room for a bite or chew.

E. A dog needs to know that a person has to earn the love that she gets. Giving someone food or love is not about showing love, and it is not about showing that you are right or wrong. When people give other dogs love or affection, it is about showing something in return. It is not about showing that you are right or wrong.

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F. Most dogs, even the better trained, will bite if an owner thinks he’s being cruel.

J. A dog will not punish a person who has to