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A dog’s owner or keeper must pay all federal, state, and local taxes in the state where their pet resides. If you live in Louisiana, your dog will be classified as a “pet” and tax is due on the pet income. The owner will be required to file federal income tax returns to determine the amount of the pet tax, if any. It is important to note this tax is NOT subject to the local income tax. The state or local tax on pet income is based on the percentage of time the dog is kept for a human purpose. The amount of the tax will be based on the total number of hours that a dog is kept for such a purpose. The cost of keeping a dog for any purpose of ownership is not allowed for purposes of federal, state, or local taxes.

When will the payment amount be determined after I’ve paid the tax?

This will be determined on Form 990.pdf

What are my refund privileges?

Refund privileges are only provided for pet/non-pet income of less than $7,500 for this year. You cannot request a refund on any other income you do not report on this form.

What happens if my dog comes in for medical attention?

A veterinarian will look at the dog, and will make a determination of necessity as to how much will be needed for treatment. The treatment will be the same as required of the owner in the form of a bill of costs.

Do I have to pay the insurance for my pet?

Only dogs that have not been spayed or neutered, are neutered, or are over 2 years old will take insurance on your pet regardless if you have a certificate of health or certificate of health with a veterinary clinic. A fee will be due in either $5 for insurance on a pet of your own name, or $10 for insurance on a pet of an individual who provides coverage at their home. This does NOT apply if you are purchasing insurance with a broker.

What happens if my dog is sick and needs treatment at a vet clinic?

No one’s insurance will cover any treatments other than emergency care. If your dog’s health goes from good to bad, the pet owner must pay the bill on their own.

What happens if my dog is abused?

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If your dog is mistreated, you or someone else must pay for that treatment. If the owner cannot pay, the pet owner must go to court and have the court

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