Do I need a license to sell animals? – Business Names For Pet Sitting

No, you do not need a license to sell animals.
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Can I sell or give away my own animals?

Yes, you do not need to use the proper form of certification or ID to sell and/or give away your own animals.

What if I have pets but don’t want to get involved with their care?

You can sell or give away your animals and use the proper forms of identification, unless all the animals come from commercial operations.

Can I sell or give away a dead animal?

Yes, a dead animal or a carcass may be sold to a consumer who is not involved with their care.

Can I sell, donate, give away or trade my livestock?

No. Livestock is an agricultural animal unless it is being used for a commercial or agricultural purpose.

What does “lodging” look like?

Most shelters have a list of types and sizes of animals that fit your needs for a short or long-term care situation as outlined on the site. You can search for a listing, or call the shelter directly for assistance. You can also have them help you find an animal home, but you must be certain that the animal has not been used as bait or a way to market their product.

Does it have to be a rescue or a rescue group?

No. There are no regulations that state you can only find animals that are in need of rescue.

Is there a fine in Illinois for dumping an animal?

No. Illinois Humane Society also has a good guide you can use to help you determine what is acceptable or not. You can visit their site and click on the links for each of the options (see below) to find the answers to your questions. The Illinois County Humane Society has a free service you can use to find an animal if there is no shelter of your choosing and you are on a tight budget. Find out more on and fill out the form.

Can I give away stray animals?

You can give away animals that are not in need of adoption if you:

are able and willing to keep a pet in a home for a designated period of time and is willing to have someone help you for your pet

bring the animal in when the owner is not ready to get their next pet

be prepared to move the animal if the owner changes

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