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It is unclear whether the pet shops that make a profit also own the pet stores or have other ties to the pet trade, as it is legal in the Netherlands to not sell pets or animals to pet shops. Some have even argued that the fact that some pet shop owners make a profit does not change the fact that they are selling animals. For instance, Pet Bijleven have stated:

“To understand the situation we did a little research and found out that a number of pet stores are small enterprises in the Netherlands.”

However, Pet Bijleven’s owner does not want to reveal the name of the pet shop. A spokesperson of Pet Bijleven told CNN:

“We do not want to give out our business details.”

It is not for a small profit, the spokesperson added.

What does the law say about dog breeding?

In the Netherlands, puppy clubs and puppy mills which take in more than one pup are required to have annual licenses; they also must have an employee trained to take care of the puppies. However, there are exceptions to this law.

On September 1st, 2014, the Dutch parliament voted to repeal the breed ban. The new law states that the law should not be used to target these breeders; the only purpose will be to protect the health and welfare of dogs.

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