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Pet shops make money because the demand exists. If someone is interested in having a pet, they will seek out a pet shop that offers a decent price and a service for their dog or cat. If everyone was buying from pet shops, the pet shops would suffer. This is why pet shops offer quality products, safe, clean and cleanliness services, and are open 24 hours a day.

Why are dog and cat hospitals so high in cost?

The pet-giant pet-shops can’t compete on price nor quality. If their prices are high, they are making money. But if they offer a decent price and quality of service, they make very little money. It is therefore quite obvious that in the case of cancer pet-shops don’t make enough money.

Why do people buy a cat but not a dog?

A cat is a small pet and not suited to many households. Dogs are small ones and have many uses in households. It is easy for a person who wants such a pet to go out and acquire an animal. Many people go to the pet-shop and do not ask any questions about what they are buying. They can easily buy an animal and forget or just decide that they will leave the pet-shop without returning it. If you are considering getting a dog but not a cat because of price or quality, please do read the article “Why Cats and Dogs Should Be Chosen”.

What are the main concerns about pet shops?

Because of the high price, quality and variety of their services, pet-shops suffer. They don’t have the best interest of the dog and cat owners in mind.

What factors influence customers to purchase from pet-shops?

The main factors influencing pet-shop’s choice of clients are the quality of the pet-shop and the quantity of dogs and cats offered on the premises. Customers who don’t think the price is high or the service is good want a pet shop that can offer a healthy number of dogs and cats to their household. However, if the pet shop is not very active in offering the necessary number of dogs and cats for their household, then it is not likely these people will go there.

What should a dog or cat owner do when his or her household is facing difficulties of dog or cat?

As stated earlier, there is no clear solution to the animal-problem which is mainly due to the high cost of keeping pets. To solve this serious problem people

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