Do you have to pay taxes for Rover?

Taxes are not included in your cost of ownership of the vehicle.

There are no tariffs or rebates included.

Will my insurance cover Rover?

Yes. Rover covers all your personal injuries.

Reverse a collision is excluded.

If you have any questions about Rover’s insurance rates or claims, please contact your insurer.

Is it safe to drive with Rover?

We recommend that all drivers using Rover be fully familiar with its operating procedures and driving techniques.

Rover is intended for use on single tracks with clear and reasonably straight lines. The following rules may also apply in specific situations.

Always drive on the left. Always drive on the left, even if on an open road or on the opposite side of a road.

Always use the right hand side of the road when entering and exiting a driveway. Always carry the right hand turn signal for through traffic.

Always use the left hand side of the road when entering and exiting a private drive. Always take care when passing.

Always use the left hand side of the road when approaching and passing roundabouts and roundabouts will turn in your right direction. Always keep your hands on the handlebars to give you a right hand grip to slow down or stop.

Always look both ways before entering and exiting parking lots. If there are no parking spots, try to park on an adjacent shoulder. The longer you wait at a roundabout, the more likely you are to get rear-ended.
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If going round a curve, always use one hand on the door to apply the reverse or front brake. For an example of proper driving technique, watch the video, “Rover – An Instruction DVD”.

Remember, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol (unless specifically granted permission from the police), and to drive without seatbelts. If at all possible, try to use your footrest to control your height before reaching the top of a hill and drive to the top safely.

When parking, ALWAYS sit as far out from your vehicle as you can. Your car is your house.

Never wear high heels or boots that go up and over your knees.

If riding in a car while driving, always keep the seatbelt on.

Never park on the road except in restricted parking spaces.

If your vehicle is inoperable, or you just want to drive it around, please call the nearest Rover dealership for assistance