Do you need a license to own a pet store? – Pet Business For Sale In Texas

All pets are considered property of the owner. As a property owner, you will need to obtain an inspection permit prior to selling pets. To purchase, you will need to apply and pay a licensing fee and registration fees before submitting the application, and then submit a registration/licensing form to us. All applications and licensing fees are located in the “Licensing” section, while applications are mailed in the “Bills and Renewals” section.

Can I sell a pet through a Petco?

No. Petco is a licensed, tax-paying pet store based in Portland. We do not accept dogs or cats for sale online.

Can I give a puppy away or put it on the market if someone buys it from you?

No. Pets must be registered with your local veterinary hospital before being placed on the market. To obtain certification to sell animals on the market, a veterinarian must see the animal, examine the body and confirm the animal meets the standard of care. If you give a puppy away, then it will be subject to a quarantine period prior to sale.

I have a puppy and would like to get it registered. How can I do this?

Please come to the PETA office to complete a Petstore Breed Registry form.

I have a dog that is not certified, may not be able to work or is not very social. What can I do?

Visit any animal veterinarian near you at no cost to see whether your dog is certified and ready to go to work. Call us at 503-238-6010 for more information.

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