Do you need a license to wash dogs? – Free Dog Walking Business Card Template

Dogs must be spayed or neutered before they are allowed in the park after 11 p.m., but there will be no time restriction when you are permitted to wash your dog.
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What is the cost to do an oral re-homing?

If you are in need of a new home for your pet, an oral re-homing is a free service offered through This is the most convenient way to find a new or existing family, friend or co-worker, in time for your vacation or for a holiday. Once you determine the new home is a good fit, Petfinder’s staff will set you up with as many dogs as you like. To learn more, go to the Petfinder website.

Cisco Press Release: Cisco Introduces Next Generation Data Center Network for High-Speed, High-Power Data Centers

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, May 21, 2017 — Cisco (NYSE: CSCO) today announced two new technology advancements in the Cisco® Data Center Network: the Cisco X10 Platform Network Switch and the Cisco® Catalyst 2905 switch. The X10 platform switch takes the best of the platform and makes it easily and efficiently adopted in today’s ever-changing market. The X10 platform switch is designed to deliver unprecedented performance in two major categories of data centers: high-density, high-performance environments and high-performance, low-power environments.

“For the first time ever in our X10 platform portfolio, we will deliver greater than 20% speed improvement in a 2Gbps and 10Gbps environment,” said Mark Shuler, senior vice president for product development at Cisco. “This makes them ideal for applications like cloud computing, where ultra-high densities are an important requirement, and where more servers can be built for a given volume.”

The X10 platform switch is ideal for cloud computing, which is one of the largest markets with more than 300 million square feet of data centers in operation. The X10 platform switch provides an incredibly powerful, scalable platform for cloud computing, and is ideal for cloud-based services as well as the ability to use high-performance, high-density applications.

“The X10 platform switch delivers new, higher performance and power to enable a new generation of highly-efficient, industry-leading data centers,” said Jim Wainwright, senior vice president and general manager, Data Center Platform, Cloud and Infrastructure Division, Cisco. “Now, more than ever,

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