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The rules are fairly open. In this state, only certified therapy dogs may be sold for dog fights or other events. There might be additional requirements if the event is going in a new location or if you require the dogs for work or training. Dogs can also be euthanized in this state for any reason so long as your license isn’t suspended.

What are your costs? For many cities in Texas, dog fights are covered by insurance policies for the duration of the event. However, in some cases, insurance may not cover more than the actual costs of a canine assault. Please call your insurance company or contact a local law enforcement agency to get some information about this. In Texas, no liability insurance is required to host an event for licensed therapy dogs.

Is there a fee involved in owning, transporting, or dealing with a dog? There are no costs associated with buying or maintaining a therapy dog or any other “therapy-related device.” It is your responsibility to ensure that the owner of your dog, at the time of purchase, has the proper paperwork to be a licensed dog handler. However, some dog trainers, trainers of dogs, and owners of professional dogs that are licensed in the state may charge a fee for training and testing the dogs. However, you can generally obtain a license to teach a dog without any fees.

The US state of Delaware today became the eighth U.S. state to legalize same sex marriage, in the wake of a constitutional amendment adopted earlier this year. Both Maine and Washington state have also legalized same sex marriage (although in case you need a little more convincing, that is a different story).

And the state of Maryland, now celebrating marriage equality despite the fact that it’s not among the 14 states that still ban gay marriage, today became the fifth to do so.

The vote follows a similar vote (or vote-in) in Oregon this summer after voters backed a constitutional amendment allowing same-sex couples to marry, following a federal judge’s injunction blocking the amendment and another similar ruling from the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upholding parts of it last year.

A total of 34 states now allow same-sex marriage, the vast majority of them Democratic strongholds such as Colorado, the state that legalized gay marriage in December 2009, and Washington, the state that legalized gay marriage in 2006. The lone Republican state to legalize so is Mississippi, but it is not considered a battleground state.

On the Democratic side, Massachusetts became the fourth state this

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