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If you’ve brought your dog into Canada (and let me tell you, that varies depending on where you live in Canada), you’re allowed to sell it in Canada – even if it’s not your own dog. It’s legal. So, if you bring your dog into Canada and you’re the only owner of it, you’re good. Just make sure to tell your vet before we go on a journey. I have a lot of questions, so I hope you’ll help with more information. Let’s start here:
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In our area, you should not allow dogs to run loose and loose.

I have several large dogs, and when I’ve come outside in the rain, my dogs have found ways to wander to the far side of the house. This doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen sometimes. In recent years, it’s gotten so bad in my neighbourhood, that there’s now even a sign posted in the middle of the road directing dogs away – it’s the only road outside my community we can use in winter. What I’m thinking is that I could make an argument that this is also a “no go” zone to me when it comes to my dogs getting loose. So, if your yard is very far from anywhere near my home with this much snow, that’s not going to fly.

There is a “No Pets Only” sign outside the entrance to my yard. I’ve also had my dogs walk right up to the entrance. The only time they’ve come out to play outside is when they have to go outside to pee or have to do maintenance. I think that would be something they might do out of boredom, not out of any kind of malice. So when I’m outside, I don’t want my dogs walking up to the curb and playing with strangers, and I’d actually rather not have them walk that route.

What if my neighbours try to stop you from letting them have a dog outside?

It could be an aggressive situation. I understand the concern with letting people keep their dogs out on the lawn – the thought of having to deal with them on a daily basis isn’t something that I would ever condone – but there’s also that concern of the dog “wandering” into the yard of the new neighbours. That should never happen. This is your property. If they want to have their dog inside of it, they have the right to do so – so please think things through before having your dog walk the lawn.


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