How can I bulk my dog naturally? – Pet Friendly Eateries Near Me

What can I do to help?

How much do I need?

How to do my puppy do this?

My dog has never been told how to do this!

Other questions:

Do you offer classes, seminars or support groups for people who want to improve their dog’s exercise and health?
Business Networking Group Orange County - Fountain Valley, CA

Yes. We have individual training classes, online seminar groups, our Dog Health Program (available through a number of classes) and our Health Education Program (available at one of our several participating locations) and we offer one-time, free dog weight-training classes for our dogs. These class schedules can be found on our “Class Schedules” page.

Will your dog need to be on their leash?

Our training focuses on how to use the dog’s own energy, which helps reduce the risk for over-stimulation and over-training. Your dog will always be on a leash, in a crate, with a neutral handler (a non-pet owner) for the full training class session. Our dog trainers do not have to remain in an enclosed area if they choose to attend class. Our Dog Health Program classes do not require dogs to be on their food or water, are completely pet-friendly and are designed to provide the correct amount of physical exercise while helping your dog’s body to heal from overuse injuries.

What if I have a small dog or don’t have money to send one?

We have an online, free program for your “pet-friendly” dog. You will be able to log in through your favorite social media or through our Dog Health Program page and watch our “Bulk Training” video on the schedule for the class that works for you. You do not need to purchase a Dog Education or Health Program membership to enter the online program. You will be able to download the free program on your computer or mobile device through our website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter with the links below. In addition, if you’re wanting to help in the classroom, you can check out our course materials.

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