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There is nothing in the dog-care world (save for my dog, of course) that a dog owner can’t work on to enhance the quality of their dog’s life in a variety of other realms. My point is not to get dog owners into modeling, but to help create a new way of thinking about the world. I want us to realize the importance of dogs in the way people engage with new cultures, and learn a few things about them.

A few weeks ago, some guy on Reddit started calling me a fat bitch. He said he was a comedian and was calling me a bitch because I was making jokes about him. When I told them to leave me alone, they did. Now they have made me their punching bag.

This dude is an absolute idiot and this person, who I assume is a comedian, has no idea what he is talking about. He made some really stupid jokes on Facebook and then asked for my number and hung that conversation on his page. I responded immediately with, “This guy is a total troll. Don’t go talking his name in front of the most random girl on the Internet.”

When I responded that he needed to find another way to get my number, he replied, “Well you have one. He’s a creepy dude who is probably not even from our city. I’m not posting your number because the police will probably be waiting for you at the airport when you are supposed to arrive.”

I’m not a racist and I don’t hate people from all walks of life, nor do I think the police are going to be waiting for me to arrive. I do however think it’s important to point out that his reasoning and intent has nothing to do with who I am and everything to do with what you call a stupid joke on Facebook. If a comedian is posting the same joke on Facebook every time, then perhaps he should take it down and find a new line of work.

Another thing that has happened to me in the past month is that somebody on Facebook has called me a whore and said some really racist shit. Then I said, “Wow, that’s not very nice.” He said, “Yeah it isn’t.” I replied, “I’m not a whore.” He replied, “No, I have to know.” Then I pointed him in the direction of his own blog and he deleted it.

I’m not going to respond to these people; they have all the power, and I’m not even a target of their ire

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