How can I start my own dog business? – Pet Shop Business Plan Ppt

Please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] . You can also view my book on Amazon or iTunes, or pick it up in store if you can get it. My hope is that you’ll start to see that it isn’t so hard to start your own pet supply business in Sierras.

Can a veterinarian prescribe drugs to pets?

Dogs are just like people when it comes to medications. You can prescribe drugs to them, but the majority of these pills are filled on an individual prescription basis. There are certain exceptions, like prescription drug regimens for the immune-system disorders and diabetes, but most drugs will not be prescribed to pets. There is also an exception for veterinarians in general, so if an animal veterinarian is seen in Sierras, you can ask questions and ask for assistance, but the vast majority of medications will typically not be prescribed to pets in our area.

Does this apply to animals other than dogs?

The rules apply to all animals except dogs and cats.

Can veterinarians prescribe food?

Yes, food can be prescribed to any non-aggressive animal, but the majority of food prescribed for pets in Sierras goes to their owners. For dogs, only dogs over 6 months of age can get food from us. You can buy dog food on our website so that you have direct access to their supply. There are special supplies for very aggressive dogs, but the majority of food can easily be found on the Internet. For more information you can read more about food prescriptions and what kind you should purchase.

When should I get a puppy or kitten?

This varies by region, but in general, puppies usually start around 5 months of age. Your vet can tell you when your veterinarian will recommend that you get your new puppy or kitten. For most cats, this usually starts around a year of age.

I want my pet to be on my list for veterinary visits so that I can have a list of all his medications and medications that are available for him. Can I?

Yes!! There are many companies that make this kind of information available for you, from dog owners, to veterinarians, and veterinarians themselves. There are even some companies that let you choose from their list of medication brands and expiration dates and see their names and expiration dates. You can even use a search engine like Yahoo or Google to look up these companies and their listings, and read the drug durations

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