How can I start my own zoo? – Fun Dog Business Ideas

For starters, you need the skills and knowledge to build and operate a sustainable animal research facility; not to mention the willingness to pay for it.

Here are some of the steps you’ll need to take to begin your own zoo.

Find a site

There are many options for starting your own zoo. Find sites that suit your needs — large land areas often require a large investment in upkeep and land costs, or there may be an animal that you cannot currently house without losing a valuable piece of space to a new zoo.

If you’re unsure of the site’s potential size, contact the local zoo committee before starting the job. The Animal Resource Network has listings of all of the local zoos in North America.

The size of your facility is a critical factor in the costs involved in planning your facility.

You’ll need to plan on paying for the upkeep, or you won’t be able to keep it operational long enough to keep your animals. This is especially important if you’re planning to house the animals on a large acreage.

You could build your zoo at a new site, but there are some potential costs to ensure it’s ready in time for your start, which include:

Fencing around your building to prevent any animals or other wildlife from escaping and becoming a nuisance

Rechargeable batteries to keep the electricity running for your enclosure

Electricity to control the lights and lights in the enclosures so you can keep an eye on the animals

A security system to protect your property

A veterinary clinic and a veterinary assistant to handle any animals that get hurt (e.g., rabbits getting caught, cats getting hit by cars, dogs eating rats)

A veterinary technician to handle sick animals

It often takes two or three years to build your own zoo. Once you’ve gotten the site set up, your next step is finding a qualified person to get started.

Build a zoo building and make it the best zoo building in the Northeast

Once you have your site set up, your next step is building it. The biggest challenge for small cities and rural areas is to find a site that is suitable; a lot of land with good location can add up to a big job. The best locations for large cities may not be too far from urban centers, but in rural areas, the land must be in the middle of nowhere or in close proximity to rivers.

There are a variety of tools you can use to start

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