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Folks, please stay with me as I go through a journey into the mind of my brother-in-law that started long ago when we were both teens in the early 2000’s – in fact, it’s probably more relevant now that he has taken the job of Secretary of the US Department of Education, an agency that has long held a great many power and influence over American children. I’m using this diary to document my journey down deep dark rabbit holes, where the mind of my brother-in-law seems to be at its most sinister and dangerous.

And while he would never describe himself as a nutcase, he sure as hell will never tell you about any of his nutcases.

And there were some.

I’m going to begin with a picture from a blog I found about a year or so ago. It shows a young girl holding a stuffed creature that has been painted to look like a fox. Her hair is in pigtails and there is a bit of blood on her face.

It’s a good thing the picture is still there because my mind jumped to this:

She’s holding that fox. Why else would she be dressed in a dress like that? Why wouldn’t she be standing as a child that looks like she belongs at a family camp? Why wouldn’t she be holding that stuffed animal?

This kind of thought process would’ve never occurred in any of my other sibling’s minds.

I know I was the one who picked that picture in the first place, although it wasn’t until much later when I started reading that blog that I was aware that the person who posted it was actually our Uncle Jim Figgis.

Why did such a big deal have to be made of that picture for us kids, that one picture and that one thought in our minds? To be fair, Uncle Jim was an adult at the time (he’s 64 now) and we were still kids. And