How do I make homemade dog food? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Lottery Raffle

Most recipes have instructions on making a dog food recipe by the kitchen, but a few do not. Below is a listing of some homemade dog food recipes using a few different methods.

Step 1: Use a good quality dog food product purchased in a dog-friendly grocery store or the commercial dog food manufacturer’s websites. Most dog food products come in a package with ingredients listed. If you are unsure about the ingredients and how to combine ingredients in your recipe, use a food thermometer to measure your dog’s body temperature for three minutes. If your dog is a chowhound, she’ll be at a lower body temperature than a poodle or husky. Some brands come in cans to make feeding easier, but do not use canned food in your recipe unless you know your dog will consume it.

Step 2: Cut up fresh ingredients of your choice into small portions. Mix well and freeze in a sealed container. Store in the freezer up to three years.

Step 3: Heat and prepare a food processor. If you use a food processor, you will need to turn it on to process the mix thoroughly prior to placing it in hot water to prevent the dry dog food mix from absorbing any flavor and moisture from the hot water. Alternatively, you can mix the food through the food processor by hand because the food processor produces very little air movement and the mix is kept relatively dry in the freezer. (Make sure it is at least 8 pounds in total volume when you plan to store it.) A blender can be used also for some homemade dog food recipes if you lack a food processor.

Step 4: Cut up your dry ingredients into chunks. If you can’t find chunks of ingredients, simply combine them with enough water to give them a consistency similar to oatmeal. (You may need to add a little fat at this point during the cooking process, as it will also help prevent the dry mix from absorbing any flavor and moisture from the hot water. I usually use between 1 and 1-1/2 tablespoons dry ingredients plus 3/4 cup water to make a dry mixture.) Mix well and place into a plastic bag. This will help the mix retain moisture for longer. Leave it to set overnight or for at least three days before using it.

Step 5: Freeze the dog food mixture. Remove it from the container and freeze in a freezer bag to ensure it stays at least four hours. To use an electronic food processor, place the mixture in the processor at low speed for one minute and then

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