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How does the new law affect breed discrimination

How does the new law reduce dog bites?

Dog bites and the new liability law

Here’s what the new law means for dog owners.

Bite-bite injuries in Pennsylvania are more common than ever. You will notice the old “do what you must with my dog” mentality that made up the old breed-neutral dog ownership law is gone. Now, whether we call it a pit bull, a German shepherd or a German shepherd mix, we’re all on the same page – this is a dangerous breed.

In most cases, if a dog bites a person in Pennsylvania, there is NO exception to the liability laws – or the liability of all parties in the dog bite incident is the same as the injury.

If a dog bites and injures a person, he can be liable for up to $10,000 in a civil action alone for injuries. He can sue for damages of up to $500,000 to any person who sustains these injuries. In the same way, if a woman injures another person in the act of giving her a BJ, she can recover up to $5,000 plus attorney fees and damages for medical bill and pain and suffering for the injured individual.

There are some exceptions to the liability laws that apply for:

Injuries sustained by a certain dog breed or color

Injuries sustained by certain medical conditions that make the dog a reasonable carrier of rabies

Injury to a person

Unnecessary injuries

Injuries inflicted by a dog due to a mistake or negligence by the owner, or in case of any intentional injury

Injuries that are caused by a dog being under the influence of any intoxicating or otherwise drug controlled substance, if the owner was otherwise licensed, or under the influence of something other than the chemical substance, during the incident

If you are injured in an incident with a dangerous dog in PA, you should contact a PA attorney immediately. Here are some ways you can help:

Make a donation to an emergency fund

Call an emergency hotline: (800) 556-9111 (24/7)

Talk to a friend about what happened

Donate to a PA animal shelter

Contact your government to help you

Contact a local animal shelter about possible solutions

Call a local police department and request them to investigate to determine the cause of the incident and take whatever action is appropriate

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