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This ad was created by the dog walking service Fido-Direct.

This commercial was developed and posted by the dog walking service Fido-Direct.The Dog-Related ads are intended to help potential dog walkers learn about different product lines and other Dog-Related services from a number of successful Dog-Related companies.

A new study finds that a person’s sexual orientation is influenced by the number of different sex partners they had in their lifetime, with gay men and lesbians having the most sexual partners.

The research shows that people who are bisexual, bisexual-identified, or “experimented” with another gender are more likely to have multiple sex partners than those who live their lives predominantly as straight men.

It appears that even the people who do not have an attraction towards gay men or women are still impacted by their sexual history.

The study, which was conducted by Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and the Stanford Social Information Center, found that men who are gay or bisexual are also more likely to have at least two sexual partners.

This is despite the fact that they were almost twice as likely as the general population to say that they were only interested in having one sexual partner.

“The fact that bisexual male respondents were more likely to have at least two sexual partners in the past year can suggest that many bisexual men engage in ‘outlying’ their sexual preferences with partners who could potentially benefit from their sexual preferences,” the researchers write in the study’s abstract, published in the journal PLOS ONE.

“These findings suggest gay men may be at risk for exposure to different forms of stigma depending on which sexual partners they have had in the past year.”

They estimate that bisexual men who have had sexual contact with a sexual minority would experience 10.4% more discrimination according to their sexual identity compared to the general population, including being rejected by their communities, being questioned about their sexual preference, and being excluded from events, employment, and dating.

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