How do I write an ad for dog walking?

You’ve got two options. Either you write an ad in the local paper or you go to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. There are a couple million dog walking ads on TV and cable television. You can choose between two or three times you want to advertise. If you’d like to buy advertising, ask three different people. Ask for one who is local, one who is not local, and two of the same size. Once done, ask them to give you information about the ad (and a brief description about your dog walking business). The next day, send another fax at the same time the previous one was faxed. Write out a new ad that you will be more excited about than the old one. Get a new ad. That’s it. You’re done with your last ad, now it’s time for the next! Or, you can go to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. They have thousands of dog walking ads to choose from. You can see what advertisements people are buying and you can start to write your own. If you want to get a better feel of how advertising works, visit the websites of these companies. Or, send a fax to the advertisers and ask them to look into this thing in your area. You’re done.

What if I don’t work with dog walking companies?

This is another good time to have your ad prepared.

Have your name and business details all in one place on your business website.

Tell the entire world what kind of dog walking business you are!

Then go out with your clients and make offers. If they don’t respond, contact another company that may be able to help you.

What if I don’t believe I can afford to hire an ad team or can’t get enough good information out of people?

If you can’t convince a lot of very good people to put together an ad, it may be time to try a different approach. Don’t hesitate to ask for people to work with you to help you write the perfect ad. When you start to get a small group of people who really know what you want, it turns out there are ways to get your message there that you hadn’t even considered. If you can’t do advertising yourself, then you can contact a business that will be good enough to put the ad up. They can probably work with you, or they can hire someone like you to do it for them.

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