How do you walk two dogs at once? – Pet Business Name Ideas Free

One of them has to be left, no? Oh… And there’s me… Wait, my dog has a tail?! I know! But he just sits there. All in all, I have a very good life. Oh, I didn’t know I had a “good life” before. [Sees her and her dog] Wait, what, you two… I’m the cute one! [She notices her dog] Oh, it’s my little one, is it? Oh. Oh. Do you want to play, too…? Okay… Come to me. [The camera pans out as they sit on a bench] Oh… And here comes Daddy. Daddy, it’s me. I want to play with my dog. Daddy… Daddy, your… [Barely able to keep speaking] Daddy. [Daddie reaches in his pocket, finds his phone, and starts texting] Daddy, I was on the phone with you when I came home. Did you think there’d be something like that? [Sighs] I’m sorry, honey. I was just a little excited. You did make me cry. I guess I can’t apologize for that. Oh, do you feel bad? It’s not your fault. I didn’t mean to scare you for my own good. You… can have my phone, and you can do anything you want with it. I’m gonna text you, though. Tell you I’m sorry. [Texts start coming in and out] Yeah, I did text you. Well, actually, your text came in first. You know, I could have just been a little drunk. But… I mean, that’s a shame. Daddy… Let me play with your dog… Oh, don’t say that. I can do it myself. [Pause] Oh… [Squeeee] No, I don’t mind playing with your dog. You don’t have a dog, do you? Well, of course you do. You have a family. [Pause] Don’t be mad at me. You’ve never shown it before. But we’re neighbors or something. It might be fun for people to know… Oh, daddy. No, don’t… I’ll leave you alone today. Oh, sweetie. [Giggles] I’m sorry. [Pause] There. That’s better. What are you… Oh… Oh! Aww… No, Daddy. I didn’t mean to frighten you. That… that’s just

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