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For example, you may ask yourself, “I keep a dog and my wife is out of town at the time,” “What happens if I forget to take the dog to the vet? Will the dog die of starvation?” or “What happens if we keep the dog around too long and we don’t make the right choices, and the dog doesn’t have enough of a chance to recover?”

If you have a dog that you can’t wait to have home, your dog might end up in an animal shelter. They may give your dog up for adoption or euthanize it. There are many different reasons for this, but the main reasons are:

There is a shortage of suitable pet homes in your area. You should always make sure that any dog in your care is neutered and spayed or, if you know where you live, micro-chipped.

There is a shortage of shelter beds. If you have a homeless pet or two and your home is full, a shelter may not accept your pet. If this happens, you can take your pet to a shelter, but that’s likely to be a long wait in a crowded room with other pets.

There is a shortage of room at the shelter. In a single-family home, the maximum size of a dog’s den is a maximum of eight square feet. In a larger multi-family home, there’s often a much larger maximum size.

There is a shortage of food in your yard, or an extreme lack of it. If your dog is on the property so you can get a cup for him, be sure there is enough food for him to eat. Don’t forget to take him for a walk a lot of the time, even if it means you can’t have a picnic in the park. Don’t forget, too, to feed the dogs at your house or in your yard when they eat outdoors.

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If your dog is going to be left alone alone for long, you should definitely make sure he gets plenty of exercise or playtime, as well as a lot of toys. It’s not unheard of for someone to leave a dog on the street for several days without a thing, so it’s still important to make sure your dog gets ample exercise.

You’re also not likely to get a lot of attention from neighbors and strangers. Dogs often become socialized by being left alone, and you are much more likely to get attention if you can get your dog playing outdoors rather than hiding behind a fence

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