How long can you leave a dog alone legally?

In order for you to lawfully leave your dog unattended you need to prove that: A) you haven’t been “in control of” the dog while away (i.e. you haven’t “controlled it” with physical force) and B) you haven’t “entered by any means other than the ordinary exercise of ordinary care” on your part.

You also need to prove that you haven’t left your dog unsupervised with someone else that you know to possess firearms.

So there we go.

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(Reuters) – A U.S. House Republican on Wednesday asked the Federal Reserve Board to delay its decision on the pace of its bond-buying program and allow longer to raise interest rates before it lifts its cap on money-supply purchases.

U.S. Federal Reserve monetary policymaker Janet Yellen (R) departs after the Federal Open Market Committee meeting at the Federal Reserve in Washington June 13, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Republicans in the House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee urged the Fed to raise short term interest rates during the week, or sooner if required, and cut its asset purchase program if it sees the unemployment rate remain too high.

“Failing to respond to the long-term concerns raised by the Committee, we are calling on the Federal Reserve Board to delay, or at least delay for a few days, their decision on the pace of its bond buying when the economy’s healthy again,” the Republicans wrote to Fed Chair Janet Yellen.

The Fed’s rate-setting panel meets on Aug. 16-17. It is also expected to vote, by a majority vote, to begin winding down its $85 billion-a-month bond buying program.

While it is unclear, the Republican letter said, the longer the Fed delayed its announcement, the lower it would raise short term interest rates that are already at ultra-low levels, which will weigh on the labor market.

“The Committee believes that, for now and for some time to come, the longer it takes to raise its policy target