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There is an old saying that goes: “It takes a village to raise a child.” It literally means that most people who own dogs are not dog owners and in that spirit we encourage you to give back to your local animal shelter and breed-specific shelters. These organizations will most likely also be happy to make your toy-dog treats.

Don’t ever do a “taste test” of any treat. You should only ever give one treat to any dog you are training and will likely have around the house. If your dog shows any aggression or is just shy, then it is best to skip the treat. A dog that is trained and socialized properly and with minimal physical contact will be less likely to bite and will tolerate your treats very well. Once your dog has developed an awareness of what you have for him, he will also be more likely to choose treats from the food bowl rather than the treats in the toy box.

Dog toys are also made from items your dog has tried on and it is best to give these treats to your dog when he is at his favourite time of day.

Are there any treats I can give my cat?

In order to use a Cat Treat Clicker, you need to have the most modern version and have a version of the software for Windows that supports cat owners that do not own a computer (you can try the Cat Clicker on other operating systems, as well).

Once installed, the Cat Treat Clicker will ask you to click on the number one on your computer when you want your cat to lick the treat. You might want to use an old version of the software.

Note the version of Cat Treat Clicker is only compatible with current versions of Microsoft Excel and not with Excel 97. The version of Cat Treat Clicker for Excel 97 and XP can be found here.

To use Cat Treat Clicker you will need access to a computer (or a tablet) and your dog’s computer. Click here to find out what access you need to order your Cat Treat Clicker.

How Should You Place the Cat Treat Clicker?

In summary, use the Cat Treat Clicker in a location your dog might be able to reach and then place the treat on the top of the treat. For instance, place the treat on top of the treat bowl when your dog is at the top of the treat bowl. In this way, he can find the treat in the bowl without having to jump out while you are training.

You can also place a treat

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