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Dogs can be carried, and there is no limit on how far each dog can run on a given day, but their speed is affected by their weight. The limit is based on a dog’s body weight – so if you have a 10kg dog, that number could be 9-11 km/hour, depending on how much weight it carries. You can run a few kilometres, then stop, take your dog on a short walk, go back, take a little more food, and then go to the next dog while it is eating. You can only carry a few dogs at a time. If you have a dog on a lead, which you use to lead your dog across two (2) lanes of traffic, you can only carry one dog at the same time.

Can a dog be left in a vehicle unattended? Dogs can be left unattended in vehicles, especially in small car parks which may have been set up for small children. Do not leave your dog in a vehicle unattended, particularly in a vehicle with air conditioning on. Make sure your dog has his or her own water bowls and food bowls.

Can a dog be left in a bus? Dogs can be left unattended in a bus, particularly in an emergency (such as an accident or a fire). Do not leave your dog in a bus at any time. This is especially true of older vehicles, used for longer journeys.

Can a dog be left in a taxi? It is generally acceptable to leave a dog in a taxi unless the taxi company is aware that your dog is dangerous (e.g. you have been involved in an accident involving a dangerous dog – see the page for dangerous dogs)). As with other types of vehicles, if you are leaving your dog in a taxi, make sure that you are able to exit the vehicle through a rear door before your dog re-enters. See Taxi driving for more information.

Can you carry a pet into airport and boarding lounge? Your pet will be checked and will not be allowed into the airport premises (unless it is accompanied by an accompanying dog from your home). Pets can be left on the premises as long as you do not use the premises as a place to rest your pet.
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Can you have pets at your place of work? Pets are not permitted. For example, they may not be left outside the home, nor in the front garden of a dwelling.

Can my dog be taken to park under or off the pavement? It is possible to put

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