How much do Zoo vets make? – Pet Business For Sale Orange County Ca News Websites

The average vet salary is in the US$50,000-70,000 per year.

How much did you make?

$1,097 per hour.

Tell us a little about your job!

I will work with all animals, ranging from large dogs to poodle/chihuahua mix to baby goats and lambs. My work usually starts with taking daily shots, taking out the urine before they pass the urea, and feeding the animals with formula.

How do you find time to work all day?

I live with my husband (who is also a vet) who is in a high tech position so I have limited time. Once I get home, I work from home and make my living as a personal trainer.

Do you see yourself going back to veterinary school or practicing full time?

I was an undergraduate vet student, and when I graduated I was very eager to go back to school. I have no regrets, and I plan to pursue my studies very actively. I plan to continue in this line of work, but I am excited to see what other opportunities come my way!

Who was your favorite vet?

My favorite vet was Dr. Mark Stover in New York City!

What did you like best about working as a vet?

I’m really happy to see my clients smile because my patients love their animals too!

Any tips for new vets?

Be patient and flexible. You don’t need to be a doctor of veterinary medicine to understand the work of a vet. I recommend working towards a master’s degree in veterinary medicine (preferably during the next two years), as this will give you the necessary skills and knowledge for becoming a veterinarian. You should also be open to the idea of becoming an orthopedic surgeon, or even an orthopedics nurse, or a veterinary technician.

What do you want the next generation to do for a living?

My dream dream job would be to work with children. I can see so many people wanting to become a veterinarian, but I am really not sure how to take the next step in that field.

What are some of your accomplishments to your credit?

I have helped many animals to live healthy, productive lives. To me, it takes one to know one.

How many teeth did your staff lose during your time in town?

I wish I had a tally book at my

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