How much does it cost to start a dog grooming business? – Pet Business Name Ideas

The upfront cost is a lot of money, but most of the running costs are covered by the rental fees of the premises, as well as your deposit. Most businesses in Ireland are self-employed, so the rental fees don’t cover all the cost. You could either pay out a small deposit at the end of every month, or set up with an agent who can help with the small deposit for you. In theory, with a full time agent, you would only get 50% to start with, with the rest set up on a “per month” basis. If you use an un-inspected site, the agent could only charge you 20% to the business.

Should I invest in a full service dog groomer on a “per month” basis?

Most people are not prepared to pay that much to start up a dog grooming business so they stick with “per month” costs, while some small businesses go for an “all in” (full service) business model. As mentioned above, the majority of dogs are purchased at full price from reputable breeders, so you don’t need to invest in a dog grooming business at that very high level of service. If you are prepared to pay that much, you should make your deposit back on a monthly basis. However, you really need to find an agent who is looking to hire out larger dog grooming franchises (ie, hotels, dog parks) and is ready to pay the upfront fees (ie, $100/month, $150/month to start up for five years, etc.). You can get a head start by consulting with a friend who is already in business in Ireland, or by asking family or friends in your local area for referrals.

Why don’t so many people start down the “all in” model?

There are a few reasons. Firstly, many of those starting their business start on a very small scale. At most, you will be getting a small amount of dog grooming per week for the next five years. However, if you have already proven that you can meet the high rental fees, you are almost certainly not going to need so much help. Secondly, most of those who do start up dog grooming businesses are looking to expand, and a “per month” option for their existing customers isn’t very appealing. After a few sales, you might feel like you have an endless supply of dogs to choose from, but you’re not, especially if you spend two or three weeks at a new location in one go

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