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A licence holder may be able to give you a licence, and you will have to fill it out and submit it to the local licensing officer. If you do not have a licence you will be issued a ‘no-show’ sign and the shop may also refuse to sell you goods.

What can I do if my pet’s license has been taken away?

If your pet’s license has been taken away, and you cannot apply for it again, it will be given out on the next available selling day. However, if you have bought your pet before it was permanently restricted, you are able to apply for a permanent license.

If My puppy or kitten is in a kennel?

Your puppy/kitten is not in a kennel, unless it has been taken away by someone else.

What is a crate or bag?

A crate or bag is a small area in a carrier or carrier bag. It usually contains a carrier or kennel bag. You can tell whether your dog has been in a cage or bag by asking if the padlocks on the door or screen door are taped shut, and whether he uses a leash, chew toy or chew toys to hold himself in a secure area.

What can I do if I haven’t got my pet license?

Call the licensing officer at the local licensing office: 07 627 3200

Can a dog have an owner licence?

A dog owner licence is not compulsory for owners to have, but it is highly recommended that they get one.

What is a private owner licence?

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This means they can use a licence to park their dog in a vehicle, drive it at night, or park it on the footpath by a shop entrance, but not on public footpaths or public land.

My dog or cat has been kept in a crate or bag for too long or has damaged it. Are there times I can go and get it fixed?

You can take an animal to the dog or cat council if there is damage or there is a health hazard. If the owner is found not to have taken action to fix the problem, it may be returned to the owners’ home and rehomed as per local law.

I found a dog dead or badly injured. Does this mean my pet is illegal to buy in Australia?

The act does not explicitly say a dog can only be lawfully obtained from the owner. However, when

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