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No, you do not need to make any “substantial” connection between your dog walking service and your business or the value of any property you sell. A simple calculation based on the gross income from the dog walking service shows that you would not pay any personal income tax on $800 of taxable income. Additionally, you can deduct your regular expenses (such as the necessary vet bills) for your dog.

Are there other tax advantages to dog walking?

Yes! Dog walking can be a useful part of your business. The tax deduction can greatly lower the amount you pay in taxes. If you decide to give up your dog walking business and you need to hire help, you can simply let someone else do the work for you and reduce your own personal income tax liability. You can also use the “Dog Taxation Rules” from the IRS which allows you to deduct up to $2,500 for expenses you incur for providing the service.

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