Is dog walking self employed? – Pet Care Business Plan

Generally, it is difficult to determine who’s working and who’s out there on a whim. Many people who do dogs for the money don’t give it their all in dog training. They are simply motivated enough to make a little extra.

I find I don’t work much in the dog walking business because I find that you either make a good living (for many dogs) or your working hours are limited. I work less than an hour a day. But that is not because I do not think it’s worth my time, I just don’t work like that anymore.

Do you ever use your dog to perform other tasks in your life, like shopping or working at other workplaces? (e.g.: car picking up mail, picking up kids, carrying furniture? etc.)

I am a very happy person who uses my dog with pride. My dog does not become a burden on my schedule. It is not “work”. I know many other dog walkers who still work because they love their dogs (or they see no value in other jobs). I enjoy working with my dog in every sense of the word.

Can dogs work for you if you are the only person who works with them?

Yes. They are wonderful companions, as long as you are around. Of course, if you are working with someone else and they bring a dog into the home then be aware that you are not in the “dog world” as you normally would be. Some dogs prefer it to be away from the home, some prefer the family life. In those cases, I would encourage you to look for a suitable co-worker.

I know of three dogs I work with who are not well suited to the dog world. One of them is a very sickly yellow lab and another is a sweet little pup (that I adopted). I try to work with all three of them, although one of them is really much more at home in the garden.

Have you found that your dog has a bad reputation around the house?

Yes. If something does not sit right with somebody, the best thing to do is to ask them to please talk to the people whose opinion they have. I have had to deal with complaints all my life. I had two complaints recently about the dog I employed to pick up mail and children. Both of them were addressed to my partner.
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The first had to do with using the dog to walk. While I had him for about two years,

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