Is it illegal to have an unrestrained dog in a car?

No. But a dog that barks or growls or otherwise sounds the alarm at a stranger, or makes an inappropriate “threatening or attacking” noise at someone else, is considered a menace and might be prohibited from entering the vehicle. Dogs that have their owners or handlers at home, or that have a “stranger at large” factor, are less of a threat.

Does a dog have to be on a leash to enter or leave a vehicle’s trunk? No. Under Florida law, “any dog that has a harness on or a leash, that is tied behind the dog’s neck or around the dog’s body is considered a ‘stranger at large’ if a person enters a vehicle in which the dog is present or enters a vehicle where it is not present without the consent of the owner or any other person present.”

Does a dog have to be leashed in a car to enter or leave a parking lot? No. Florida law says this too. But if the dog’s owner or handler thinks the dog is a nuisance or “aggressive,” then it could be banned.

Can dogs be leashed in a restaurant? Yes. As with many places, the answer depends upon many factors, but generally, a restaurant is allowed to use dogs in areas with “limited access” for the health or safety of patrons or staff. The law does not require dogs to be leashed in each restaurant or cafe where they frequent, and it is not against local bylaws.

This post is an excerpt from the series “Pets 101 in Florida.” The other post in the series is “The Right to Bear Arms.”

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The former homecoming queen’s mother has been ordered to pay her $10,000 fine after she told police about her daughter being missing when she went to visit her over the weekend.

Nora O’Keefe, 25, told police that her daughter Jessica, 19, had been missing since Saturday, but her mother told officers she was not aware of that until Sunday morning when she was contacted by police.

“We were told by my son there are no signs that her daughter is alive at this stage and nothing has been found on her body or anything in the house,” O’Keefe’s mother, Ann, told the Herald Sun.

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