Is walking more than 4 dogs illegal?

Yes. WALKING THE DOG, not just the dog or cat, or being with the dog while it’s walking is illegal. If the dog’s a service dog, the owner is required to apply with the licensing authority when the pet is licensed.

What laws don’t apply to you?

State laws vary by state, and vary greatly. Please review your state’s law for a more complete list.

Am I required to have my dogs microchipped?

It’s a law, and generally a good idea not to let the dog you’ve had for a while run loose. However, with the exception of dangerous dogs, where a pet owner is required to get a license, pet owners do not need to have an animal’s microchip attached.

Is it OK to have more than one dog?

Yes. There are no restrictions in New Hampshire.
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Is it OK to leave a pet unattended?

It’s a good idea to call the police immediately if your dog is out and about unsupervised. If you see an unruly pet running around in your neighborhood, call the police or the Animal Control Service immediately.

Do I need a license/fee if I own a pet?

Yes. You need a veterinarian’s license to raise animals if you have one. You also need a license if your pet is in your home. If you need to see your pet regularly during the summer, you have to obtain an insurance policy in conjunction with your dog’s license.

Can I let go of my pet if it gets lost?

While it’s a good idea to check with your pet carrier before letting pets loose, keep in mind that it may be possible for a lost pet to reappear at any time after being dropped off (or left outside) on your property.

What do they look like, and do they make good pets?

It depends on how large and large they are. They generally have short tails, and short, narrow bodies. A dog with a large and large body can be particularly dangerous. It also depends on the breed; a labrador isn’t as aggressive as a Pomeranian or a miniature dachshund. But all three can be very dangerous, too. They tend to be very obedient to their humans.

Why aren’t there any public pools?

Public pools are a great thing. They provide great exercise for children and offer a great place to hang out