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Dogs should not run on a leash. If you are going to walk an unneutered dog, please be more than 12 feet away from homes and pets.

What is littering your dog’s food?

Loitering, walking, running, or feeding someone while your dog is eating is strictly prohibited.

What can I do if I see my dog in my neighbor’s yard?

If your neighbor has an unprofessional way of living or behaving, you can call us to arrange a quarantine. The best way to get us to the neighborhood is to call 911.

How can I change a dog’s last name after the dog has been registered?

You can petition the Board of Health to change the dog’s last name or provide a petition form for owners looking to change his/her name.

The Canadian Press

HALIFAX — A North Atlantic right whale, whose body washed up on the North Shore on Friday, is still unidentified, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.

After its death on Friday, investigators had not been able to positively identify the whale, known to scientists as the “Jack” because it is often seen swimming along North shore beaches.

The carcass was found by people at about 9 a.m. ET by a boater on an open beach about 100 metres northeast of Topsail Lake Road — where a number of right whales had been found dead in recent decades.

The boater, who had watched the whales for a few seconds, said the corpse appeared to be a dead whale, and the scene of the body turned out to be a decomposing fish.

On Monday, researchers at the lab that studies orcas at Dalhousie University tested the remains, finding that they belonged to a white orca.
Dogs' keen sense of smell may hold key to curing Parkinson ...

It’s a whale that hasn’t been seen at this beach since 1980 when one appeared over Topsail Lake, on the far side of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and was briefly sighted near Saint-Laurent, Que.

On Friday, a team of researchers and members of a North Shore fishing society were at the beach to observe the whales, said Bob Beaulieu, the marine mammal conservation officer with Dalhousie.

A team member and four hunters from the St. John’s Fishermen’s Association who had been monitoring the whales for the last 48 hours had been out boating when they spotted the boat and spotted the carc

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